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Congratulations to MPMGA 2015 Ryder Cup Champs: 17.5 v. 14.5 Final Results Available Below......

9/3 Winners Available

BOD Meeting moved to Tuesday Sept 8 at MV Ocotillo Room 3:30pm

9/3 Hole Assignments Available Field is Full. Will Take Standbys. Bob Eder Handling. Flights listed below. (Updated 9/1)

INDIVIDUAL MATCH PLAY TOURNAMENT (Updated 8/29): See below for Brackets & Results. See Q&A below on how to set up your next match.

Event Signups

Sep 10th  Closed Signup Change Request  TP - 4-Man Cha Cha Cha

Sep 10th Luncheon.  Monthly meeting lunch at the...Mesquite Grill  
Menu: Chicken and brats...... $10.00....... Sign up by ...9/5

Sep 17th   TP - 2-Man PYP Better Ball + Bonus Ball.
Rennie Temple is handling.

Sep 20th   OTH - Individual 2015-16 Pima Cup Signup  Click here for Details
Signup if you want to participate in the 2015-16 Pima Cup representing MPMGA.

Sep 24th   MV - 4-Man ABCD Scramble.

Oct 1st   MV - Individual Stableford.
Helms is back and running the event. Note 8am start.

Important Stuff

(Formerly Notices & Applications)
(New Stuff in Red)  

Ryder Cup: Final Results  

Individual Match Play Brackets & Results (Updated 8/29)  

Individual Match Play: Questions & Answers (updated 8/2):  How to set-up and report out your next match.

Individual Match Play Tournament [July 2 through mid-Oct]  General Information

2015 Membership Application  

2015 BOD Meeting Schedule  

Constructing Competitive Flights for Special Events in 2015