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The Bubba entry form has been posted. Invite your Sadie for a morning of fun and frolic around the MV golf course. Entry Deadline: Friday, Jan 27.......

Monday, January 30th Rules of Golf Seminar: Robin Faren, AGA
1:30-3:30PM MV Ballroom (West). All golfers welcome. No Charge. Bring a friend. MPMGA Host: Al Bolty, Rules Chair.

1/15 Handicaps Available

1/19 Hole Assignments Available We need two players!

Event Signups

Jan 19th  Closed Signup Change Request  MV - 4-Man 3s, 4s, and 5s

Jan 26th   MV - 2-Man PYP Better Ball + Bonus Ball.

Feb 2nd   TP - Individual MPMGA Cup or Individual Net alternate event.
Same Chelsea signup for both events; you'll be put in the right one based on eligibility.

Feb 9th   TP - 2-Man PYP Chapman.
Same tees required.

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2017 Bubba Hawkins Entry Form  Deadline for Entry is Friday, January 27. Rennie Temple will answer any questions that you may have.

2017 Membership Application  

PIMA CUP 2017 SCHEDULE AND SIGN-UP  UPDATED 12/12/16 Especially need more players with 18+ HI to sign-up. Ron Victor: Coordinator

NEED GOLF BALLS? Click for details.   Tom Young is taking over from Jim Handrigan. Drop off golf balls to be recycled at either Pro Shop on any day. In addition to in-person sales at major luncheon events, you can also email your order at any time. See updated price list. Remember, this is all for a good cause with all proceeds going to Kids Closet.

Golf Warm-up Stretching Exercise Video  (Prevent Injury and Hit It Better Right from the 1st Tee)

Club Fitting Services by Rick Grinstead.  Click for website. Contact Rick and arrange for his service. Payment with your Winnings Card for club fitting services is available; just confirm this with Rick before contracting the services you need. Minor club work (e.g. re-gripping a club) typically works better as a direct cash transaction.

2017 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule