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Member-Guest Desert Classic - April 27-29. Entry Deadline for $100 deposit is March 31. Don't delay. Sign up TODAY!......

3/23 Leading $ Winners Available Kudos again to Phil Gray and Mike Taken!

3/16 T of C Eligibility Available Updated through March 16, including Match Play.

3/23 Winners Available

Find out who's signed up for the Presidents Cup. Look for the list under "Weekly Events"

NEW Sponsors for 2017 - The Moore Advantage Team, KellerWilliams - Luke Adams Agency, Farm Bureau Insurance. Check out their websites!!

Buy recycled golf balls at March 30th luncheon outside MV Ballroom.
$10 a dozen; buy two dozen and get third dozen free.

Upcoming Special Event Entry Deadlines (See Details Below):
(1) Member-Guest Desert Classic March 31 Deadline $100 deposit. (2) Robson Challenge Cup April 3 Deadline $55

Event Signups

Apr 6th   TP - 4-Man Rotating Partner + Master's Pro.
This will be a computer pick event. Play your ball throughout from your preferred tees.

Apr 13th   MV - Individual Mixed Tees Net.

Apr 19th  (Paper) Robson Challenge entry form
Join the MPMGA team as we travel to Robson Ranch (Eloy) to compete with other Robson Properties for the Robson Cup. Questions? contact Don Plapinger

Apr 20th   TP - 2-Man PYP AGA Qualifier - 2 man Scramble.
Winning team from each tee goes on to play in statewide qualifier tournament next November with club picking up entry fee.

Apr 27th  (Paper) 2017 Member-Guest Info Sheet and Entry Form
2017 Member-Guest Desert Classic - April 27, 28, 29 at all 3 HOA-2 courses. Entry Deadline: March 31. Contact Joe Oczak for details. No alternate event on this date.

Important Stuff

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(New Stuff in Red)  

23 MAR 17 FLIGHTS  Two Flights (Teams playing G/P and P Tees)

2017 Member-Member Match Play Brackets  Brackets updated 3/24. Congratulations to our first Championship finalists - John Cobb and Mal Mudd

2017 Membership Application  

PIMA CUP 2017 SCHEDULE AND SIGN-UP  UPDATED 12/12/16 Especially need more players with 18+ HI to sign-up. Ron Victor: Coordinator

Fore for Kids 2017: Friday, April 7th at MV.   Entry Deadline is March 25. Click for entry form.

NEED GOLF BALLS? Click for details.   Tom Young is taking over from Jim Handrigan. Drop off golf balls to be recycled at either Pro Shop on any day. In addition to in-person sales at major luncheon events, you can also email your order at any time. See updated price list. Remember, this is all for a good cause with all proceeds going to Kids Closet.

Golf Warm-up Stretching Exercise Video  (Prevent Injury and Hit It Better Right from the 1st Tee)

Club Fitting Services by Rick Grinstead.  Click for website. Contact Rick and arrange for his service. Payment with your Winnings Card for club fitting services is available; just confirm this with Rick before contracting the services you need. Minor club work (e.g. re-gripping a club) typically works better as a direct cash transaction.

Local Rules Revision 1-17  

2017 Free Golf Clinic Schedule  

2017 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule