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Check Brackets below for your first match June 30: Individual Match Play. Starting hole assignments out soon. ......

6/23 Leading $ Winners Available

6/23 T of C Eligibility Available Updated through June 23.

6/23 Winners Available

6/23 Hole Assignments Available Room for 1 more player

Event Signups

Jun 30th  Closed Signup Change Request  MV - Individual Match Play Alternate Event

Jul 7th   TP - Individual Mixed Tees Net (alternate event).
One Chelsea signup for both Match Play and this event.

Jul 14th   TP - 2-Man PYP Better Ball + Bonus Ball.

Jul 21st   MV - 4-Man Blender.

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2016 Individual Match Play Brackets (updated)  Match Play begins on June 30. I you are not able to play on 6/30, contact your opponent and David Cohen

Golfer Lunch Special at the Bistro on Thursdays.   

Individual Match Play Information  SEE EVENT SIGN UP: To enter click sign-up link. Deadline to sign up: Thurs, June 23; Brackets up: Sat, June 25

Individual Match Play - Q & A  Answers to questions related to scheduling, playing and recording matches; Method for determining Overall Champion

Club Repair or Fitting Services by Rick Grinstead.  Click for website. Contact Rick and arrange for service. At payment time you can have the service paid at either MV or TP Pro Shop with your winnings card. A new member service: Professional, Fast and Paid with your Winnings!

2016 Membership Application   

2016 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule